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SeaPort-E Team Members

Hi-Tec Systems, Inc.

Technical Capability: 

Research & Development, System Engineering, Test and Evaluation, Human Factors, Program Management.





Functional Areas: 

3.1 - Research and Development Support 
3.2 - Engineering, System Engineering and Process Engineering Support 
3.3 - Modeling, Simulation, Stimulation, and Analysis Support 
3.6 - Software Engineering, Development, Programming, and Networ k Support 
3.8 - Human Factors, Performance, and Usability Engineering Support 
3.14 - Interoperability, Test and Evaluation, Trials Support 
3.20 - Program Support 
3.21 - Administrative Support


Subcontracting Goal: 



Past Performance: 

Cynthia Valdes, (202) 493-4714, 

On the BITS II Contract, Hi-Tec is one of the top three performers out of 35 prime contractors in terms of dollars. With a contract ceiling of $50 million, Hi-Tec has performed and managed about $37.5 million worth of work to date. Hi-Tec manages 26 subcontractors utilizing 109 labor categories to service the contract. Tasking to date includes: 1) Program Management; 2) Telecommunications and IT Systems and Support Services; 3) Data Analysis, Management, Assimilation and Quality; 4) System Engineering and Design; 5) Software Development; 6) Systems Procurement; 7) Systems Development; 8) Training; 9) Risk Assessment, Disaster and Contingency Planning; 10) Emerging Technologies; and 11) Security. Under this contract, Hi-Tec has performed 4,949 hours of direct labor support with 4.5 FTEs on the RMLS program, out of a total of 320,395 labor hours authorized to date to Hi-Tec on the BITS II contract. 
Kevin Dillon, email: 609 813-2833 

Hi-Tec is responsible for Developmental Testing and Evaluation (T&E), Operational T&E, Threat Image Projection (TIP), operators and screener interface, and transition of R&D equipment from the laboratory to the field. We develop T&E Plans and conduct Preliminary and Critical Design Reviews for new, innovative, and advanced technologies. We devise test plans and supporting data collection instruments, executing the tests including coordination with vendors, and providing test results and data. Hi-Tec coordinates test plan details and logistics with the TSL to develop test methodologies and data analysis procedures to ensure that all critical operational issues and measures of performance are included. We support TSL in implementing the T&E Plans and use of a “clean” and rigorous data collection process resulting in meaningful data. Hi-Tec develops and maintains data collected in test study databases in accordance with test objectives and reporting requirements for further analysis and reporting. Hi-Tec performs data analysis using appropriate statistical techniques and software (e.g., SPSS) and develops Test Result Reports. 
Kenneth Hitchens, CO; email: 

Hi-Tec provides Engineering Services to the Human Factors Group's at the WJHTC. Support includes human factors engineering of future concepts for en route Air Traffic Management systems which will greatly human operators. We conduct display, monitor, controls, usability, and operational suitability assessments related to future systems as identified during ongoing evolution of the future system We support areas of machine-human interaction, display design, selection of monitors and monitor filters, and design of controls and input-output devices that are used or may be used in the future air traffic and/or airways facility operations. Support may involve what has been traditionally defined as ergonomics but may also include design and/or operational testing of decision support systems. This work is in support of the evolving air traffic control system, cockpit, and Technical operations systems and shall be geared to specific requests from air traffic, flight standards, and airways facility sponsors.